GW-H300 Outdoor Energy Storage Power Supply

GW-H300 Outdoor Energy Storage Power Supply

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1、Dimension diagram

2、Structure Performance 

Dimension :8.86*4.72*8.47 in

Weigh: 6.3lb

Materials:PC (Top and Bottom)+ABS(Middle Frame)

3、Basic functions and usage 

3.1Charging a power bank

      It have pre-charging, constant current, constant voltage functions.

      1、Charged the portable power station with Adapter by USB Cable or DC Cable or Solar Panel; The Battery Digital Number will be started to flash one by one.

      2、When charging completely , 100% is charged full.

      3、Different Charging mode may lead to different fully-charged time.

3.2  Discharging

      1、press the button to start the USB output ,then connect the device ,the device will be charged.

      2、When the output current is lower than Imin(20--160mA) , last about several minutes later(defined by Tsleep In Ratings table), output port will shut off 5V discharging and enter into sleep state.

3.3  Capacity indicator  

      When discharging, digital number will show the capacity status.

3.4   Low voltage alarm function

      If the power bank is lacking of power, the digital number will be flashed , means Power Bank need to charged.

4、Storage Conditions

To store the Power Bank for over three months, it is necessary to maintain the battery at 50% of the rated capacity (to charge once three months), and keep it in a dry and cool place, with a temperature range of 0ºC~40 ºC, free from contact with corrosive matters, and keep it away from fire and heating sources.

5、Tips & Warnings

5.1 To prevent leakage, heat and explosion, please take the following precautions:

5.2 DO NOT drop the Power Bank into water or damping it.

5.3 DO NOT use or store the Power Bank nearby heating source (e.g. fire or heater).

5.4 Please use qualified charger.

5.5 DO NOT put the Power Bank into the fire or heat the product.

5.6 It is forbidden to short circuit the positive and negative poles of the product with wires or other metal objects. It is forbidden to transport or store the product together with necklaces, hairpins or other metal objects.     

5.7 DO NOT impact, throw or shock the Power Bank.

 5.8 DO NOT Pierce the product shell with nails or other sharp objects.  Do not hammer or pedal the Power Bank.

 5.9 DO NOT weld the battery terminals directly .

 5.10 Do NOT disassemble the product in any way.

 5.11 DO NOT charge the Power Bank in fire or extreme hot conditions.



6.1 Do not place the Power Bank in a microwave oven or pressure vessel.

6.2 Stop using the Power Bank when there is any foreign smells, heating, distortion, disclosing or other abnormal phenomena; if the Power Bank is being used when charging, please remove it from the electrical appliance or the charger, and stop using it.

6.3 Keep the Power Bank out of the reach of children.

6.4 Leaked electrolyte may lead to fire or explosion.

6.5 If the electrolyte enters the eye after the product leaks, do not wipe, apply water rinse, immediately seek medical assistance, if not timely treatment, eyes will be hurt.

6.6 This Power Bank can only be used under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce the performance of the product or shorten the service life of the product. Use of the product outside the specified temperature range may cause overheating, explosion or fire.

6.6 Do not use products in extremely hot environment, such as direct sunlight or hot days in the car. Otherwise, the product may overheat and catch fire (ignite), which will affect the performance of the product and shorten its service life.

6.7 When children are supposed to use the battery, teach them according to the manual’s instructions, and keep a close eye on them.6.8 Children are not allowed to use this product.

6.9 If the USB Port of Power Bank becomes dirty, please clean them first. Otherwise, May result to poor contact or inability to charge.

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