GW-H150 Outdoor Portable Power Station 150Wh

GW-H150 Outdoor Portable Power Station 150Wh


Product Specifications
Battery pack characteristics
Cell model 18650-3.7V 18650 cell
Combination method 3 series and 5 parallel
Rated voltage 11.1V (voltage range: 9.0V~12.6V)
Rated capacity 150Wh (maximum 0.5C charge/3C discharge at 25℃)
Float voltage 12.4V Cut-off current: 0.08A
Internal resistance ≤8mΩ(for cell); ≤5mΩ(for pack) 25℃, 1kHz
Normal temperature cycle life >500 times (80% DOD, 25°C) remaining 80% capacity, 1C charge/discharge
BMS Features
Total voltage detection accuracy 1%FS
Total voltage detection range 5V~15V
Single-cell voltage detection error ±10mV
Current detection accuracy 1%FS
Current detection range ±40A
SOC estimation accuracy ±20%
BMS working voltage range 5V~15V
Normal working current IC ≤50mA
Shutdown working current ISD ≤150uA Shutdown state
Switch mode Button switch, support charging, and booting
Balance Management Active/Passive
System management Various protection functions, battery management, parallel connection of internal and external battery packs, etc. "1. Support solar panel charging; 2. Protection functions: a. Short circuit protection; b. Overcurrent protection; c. Overvoltage protection; d. Undervoltage protection; e. overload
Display mode There are display screen instructions for charging and discharging. See UI Design for details
Reset function The product battery has a reset function, which can be activated by charging after protection
LED light function LED light, can do bright, SOS, strobe
1.4 AC/DC Adapter Module Requirements
Input voltage range Rated 110/230VAC
Input frequency range Rated 50/60Hz
Output voltage 15V±5%
Maximum output current >2A
Output voltage accuracy 95%
Efficiency ≥90%
Output short circuit protection Yes Recover charging after the load is normal
1.5 Inverter Module Requirements
Output waveform Corrected sine wave Rated R load
Output rated voltage 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V/250V According to different requirements in different regions
Output-rated frequency of 50/60Hz can be customized at 50/60HZ.
Output voltage range ±10% R load
Output voltage range ±15% RCD load
Output waveform distortion ≤5% resistive load
Output waveform distortion ≤5% Non-linear load
Output power factor 99% rated R load
Output rated power 100W Rated R load
Output peak power 230W (180W~230W capacitive and inductive load momentary)
Inverter efficiency 85%
Inverter output overload protection Yes
Transient response recovery time ≤60mS "Test conditions: 100% linear load, instant loading/unloading, output power
time to restore pressure to 90%"
No-load loss ≤10W
Over temperature protection Yes
Over temperature protection recovery Recovery after the temperature drops and restarts the inverter
DC input range 9V-12.6V
DC rated input 11.1V (voltage range: 9.0V~12.6V)
Input low voltage protection point 9.2V When the input voltage rises, restart the inverter and automatically recover
Output short circuit protection Yes The load resumes after a normal restart
AC output sockets Different versions in different countries need to be configured according to specific products
110V/50HZ/60HZ" US/Japanese two ports*2, three ports*2
220V/50HZ European standard three ports*2
220~240V/50HZ British standard three ports*2
1.6 12V DC output module features
Rated output current 1 12V output, 12V/10A (12Peak)
Output voltage range Battery voltage
Output overcharge amplitude ≤10%
Output rise time ≤20ms
Output fall time ≥10ms
Output delay time ≤1000ms
Efficiency ≥90%
Output voltage ripple ≤5%
Output overcurrent protection Yes Press the key to restart
Output short circuit protection Yes Press the key to restart
1.7 Features of the USB output module
Rated output current USB QC3.0 1 (5V, 9V), 2 USBA--5V/total 2.7A 1 TYPC-PD 30W
Output voltage range 5V-9V board measurement
Output overcharge amplitude ≤10%
Output rise time ≤20ms
Output fall time ≥10ms
Output delay time ≤1000ms
Efficiency ≥85% measured under rated load
Output voltage ripple ≤100mV
Output overvoltage protection Yes Automatic recovery after voltage falls
Output overcurrent protection Yes Automatic recovery of normal load
Output short circuit protection Yes Automatic recovery of normal load
1.8 UI Design
USB indication Any one of the USBs are loaded automatically, and the USB mark power is automatically turned on
AC indication AC mark power after AC is turned on Er power and flashes when the inverter is faulty
Charging indicator IN lights up
DC indication OUT is closed during overload protection
Power button function Short press to switch the machine, double click to turn on the light and switch modes, long press to turn off

AC button: Short press to turn on the power supply and the inverter in the off state, and turn on the inverter in the on state
1.9 Storage ambient temperature:
Cooling method The inverter is cooled by the fan, and the others are naturally cooled
-20~20℃ 12 months "Before storage, ensure that the remaining capacity of the battery is between 45% and 55%.
After the expiration, the battery should be replenished in time"
-20~40℃ 3 months
-20~50℃ 1 month
Working environment humidity: 10%~90%
Storage environment humidity: 10%~90%

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