Advantages of WENDY suspension system.

WENDY suspension system

The WENDY suspension system stabilizes the helmet when worn, ensuring that the helmet remains stable and reliable during strenuous exercise. The adjustment knob can quickly adjust the tightness according to usage to maintain comfort at all times.Built-in Wendy cushioning pad, double-layer modular design, using Velcro links, which can be adjusted according to the situation; This cushioning pad is made of memory foam, which not only provides wearing comfort, but also has a good cushioning effect!

·Nylon Material

·Double Layer Cushion

·3D Mesh Foam

·Quick Adjustment And Release

·Velcro Link

The FAST high-cut fast combat bulletproof helmet is equipped with a WENDY suspension system and is available in camouflage color and camouflage black.

The helmet features a Wendy-designed bolt-less CAM FIT suspension system that adjusts to the wearer's head shape for maximum comfort and stability. The foam lining in the helmet effectively resists impact and allows users to place a headset inside the helmet. Users are able to achieve an optimal fit with a set of removable comfort pads.

There are dried cuttlefish on the front of the helmet and guide rails on the left and right sides for users to install various accessories. There are Velcro stickers on the top, left and right sides, and rear of the helmet shell for users to identify their country and organization. chapter.

Video explanation of WENDY suspension system


The FAST high-cut rapid combat bulletproof helmet is equipped with a WENDY suspension system that is not only lightweight and comfortable, but also equipped with a quick donning, disengaging and adjustment comfort system, compliant with NIJ Level IV bulletproof level for maximum comfort and stability, and a double-layer memory foam design Not only does it provide wearing comfort, but it also has a good cushioning effect, and the removable comfort pad achieves an optimal fit with the head.