How to become a distributor of the company, what threshold and preferential policies does it have?
We welcome dealers to join us very much. You only need to commit to an average monthly purchase amount of more than USD20,000 to become our dealer, and dealers will receive lifetime exclusive discounts.

Do I need to pay additional shipping, taxes or other charges?
The price on our website already includes various expenses such as product cost, freight, tax, etc., and you do not need to pay other expenses.

What material is the Tophelmetfan helmet made of?
Our helmets are made of 100% Kevlar fiber, and the finished products are randomly inspected in batches according to NIJ testing standards, so you can use them with confidence.

Why is my payment unsuccessful?
Our website accepts PayPal and various credit cards. If your credit card payment fails, please check whether the verification information you entered is correct and whether the balance in the card is sufficient. If continuous input errors cause the credit card to be temporarily suspended and unable to pay, please initiate the payment after an interval of 24H.

I want to buy a ballistic helmet, but I'm not sure what size to choose?
Each of our products has a corresponding size chart, you can choose accordingly. If you are still confused, please contact our customer service staff: support@tophelmetfan.com, we will reply you within 12H.