Level III Ultra-Light Bulletproof Clothing

Level III Ultra-Light Bulletproof Clothing

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IIIA Rated Using NIJ (National Institute Of Justice) Guidelines.
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I. Product Specifications
Material: polyethylene fiber
Size: One Size, Adjustable
Weight: 2kg
Bulletproof rating: NIJ III
Protection area: 0.3 square meters

II. Product description
Protective layer structure: The protective layer structure of the bulletproof stab-proof clothing is composed of 45 layers of polyethylene fiber non-weft cloth (four layers orthogonal) + 1 layer of 4.5mm thick foam.
Composition: The bulletproof stab-resistant suit consists of a jacket, a bulletproof layer and a protective cover for the bulletproof layer. The jacket is removable and washable, and the shoulder and waist are adjustable.
Sleeve sealing performance: The protective layer is sealed with an anti-seepage and anti-seepage black protective sleeve, and the sealing edge is uniform. The protective cover material is impermeable to water, and the anti-hydrostatic pressure is not less than 18kPa
Wearing flexibility: flexible wearing, easy to put on and take off. After wearing, the free movement of the arm and the human body's kneeling, jumping, running, pitching, turning and other movements should not be significantly restricted.

III. Anti-stab parameters
1. The stab-proof clothing is vest type, and the shoulder and waist are overlapped with a belt with a silk buckle, which can adjust the size of the shoulder and waist. From the stab-proof surface, the stab-proof layer structure is: 45 layers of high-performance polyethylene fiber stab-proof felt.
2. The front and rear stab-proof area is 0.3 square meters, which is easy to put on and take off, flexible and comfortable after wearing.
3. The stab-proof layer of the stab-proof clothing is composed of a black, dense, water-tight and light-tight protective cover.
4. Use standard test tools and counterweights to test the stab resistance at room temperature to form a 2.4 kg drop. The impact energy of 24J plus or minus 0.5J can effectively sprint into the stab-resistant clothing at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, and no penetration angle.
5. The weight of the whole set is less than or equal to 2 kg

IV. Bulletproof parameters
Ballistic resistance at room temperature: Tested with 1979-style 7.62mm light submachine guns and 1951-style 7.62mm pistol cartridges (lead core). In the case of an effective hit, the bullet is blocked, and the maximum groove depth should be less than or equal to 25mm.

Immersion bulletproof: At room temperature, soak the bulletproof stab-proof suit in water for 30 minutes, and then conduct the bulletproof test. In the case of effective blows, to withstand bullets, the maximum concave depth of the backing should be less than or equal to 25mm.

High temperature ballistic performance: After high temperature test (+55℃±2℃, constant temperature for 4h), test the ballistic performance within 15min. In the case of an effective hit, the warhead is blocked, and the maximum subsidence depth of the backing is less than or equal to 25min.

Low temperature ballistic performance: After the low temperature test (-20℃±2℃, constant temperature for 4h), the ballistic performance test is carried out within 15min. In the case of an effective hit, the bullet is blocked, and the maximum sag depth of the backing is ≤25min.

Bulletproof damp heat performance: After the damp heat test (70℃±2℃, 80% relative humidity, 240h), the bulletproof performance test is carried out. In the case of effective hitting, the bullet is blocked, and the maximum sinking backing depth is less than or equal to 25min.

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I am a Florida police officer and our police department purchased some MICH NIJ IIIA ballistic helmets from Tophelmetfan in 2019, we received it in 5 days and the helmet looks very good. During a mission in 2021, I was hit in the head at close range. At that time, my head hurt and my brain went blank. But I woke up immediately after taking a short rest. Fortunately, although I was hit, it was not penetrated. Only a small hole was made in the helmet, and beige Kevlar fiber could be seen inside. Thank you very much Tophelmetfan, now it has become our designated supplier, we will buy bulletproof helmets and body armor from there every year.